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Maintaining an aquarium can be easy once you know the basics. When your setup is complete with gravel, water conditions and proper temperature, you may want to add aquarium safe decorations, not only for your enjoyment but will help in keeping a stress-free environment for your fish. Adding ceramics and plants to your aquarium will give your fish hiding places and make them feel secure. You will then be ready to add your fish.

You will want to start your tank with animals that have the greatest chance of surviving the cycling process which can take 4 to 6 weeks. It’s best to start with mid-water fishes like tetras, rasboras, and rainbow fish are great choices. Avoid all bottom dwelling animals until after the ammonia and nitrite are no longer detectable.

Other ways to start the cycling process faster is to purchase specific products that can cycle your tank up to 2 weeks sooner.
This process is a good way to cycle your tank without having a loss of fish during that time period.

Once your tank is set up properly and ready to add your fish, the fish will need time to acclimate to their new home.

Anytime you are adding new animals to any tank you need to get them used to the new water conditions they will be living in. We recommend floating the bag of fish in the tank for at least half an hour. Every ten minutes or so open the bag and add some tank water so that the animals can get used to the chemistry as well as the temperature of the new water. At the end of the half hour, you can release the animals into the tank, by either netting the fish out of the bag or simply releasing the fish and the water into your tank.