Are you ready to be a fish owner?

At The Ultimate Aquarium we provide the right combination of fish for your aquarium. We take pride in making sure you have everything you need to keep your aquatic pets thrive. There are various types of fish for your aquarium from freshwater to saltwater, from passive to aggressive, for the beginner hobbyist to the expert breeder. We’re here to answer any questions with 100 years of combined knowledge in the pet industry.

Beginner Fish

Common types: Goldfish, Betta

Our beginner fish are perfect for those who are new to owning fish in their homes and want to start out simple and have relatively easy maintenance toward their aquatic pets. Two of our most commonly sold beginner fish are goldfish and betta fish. Both are very fun to raise and also suit well in your home as well as office.

Taking care of these common beginner fish is very simple and they don't take a whole lot to feed as well. We have all the equipment, food, tanks and everything else you need here at the store as well.



Common Types:Guppies, Angelfish

The upbringing of freshwater fish is by far the most popular branch of the hobby, with even small pet stores selling a small variety of them. While most freshwater aquaria's are community tanks containing a variety of compatible species, single-species breeding aquaria's are also popular.

Maintaining a healthy environment for your fish is an ongoing commitment. We have at our store both the equipment and the experience to help you learn the best way to keep your fish healthy and very happy. We also do set-up for your tank as well so don't be afraid to ask us to help.


Salt Water

Common types:Clowns, Blenny, Coral

Marine aquaria have more specific needs and requirements to maintain. These kinds of aquaria are for more experienced fishkeepers, but the result is exceedingly beautiful with the combination of corals and coral reef fish.

Saltwater fish take the most work in the care they need and we have all the equipment and food they will need in order to thrive. We do set-ups as well for your tank, as well as water changes if you need them. We want your fish to be very happy and kept well so don't be afraid to ask how to best care for your aquatic pets.